Monday, May 12, 2008

Morality vs. SurvivalOfTheMostFit

I was told the other day that it is ridiculous to think that we evolved from primates, who throw feces at each other and kill their young. I immediately thought, 'if thats all humanity could claim as sin, we've done well.' The reality is that we have always thrown shit at each other and killed our young, and the thing is, we do more killing and more throwing of shit in one year than in the entire existence of the primates. This immediately brings me to think of the fact that we are the 'evolved' species and that through natural selection we are the most fit to survive. But how is that? If we, as a whole, very few are excluded, have a sense of morality that brings to light all the horrible things we could and have done, what has natural selection done? It has created a species that will seemingly destroy all others on this planet, all other living things, we may even go so far that we will destroy the non-living. I feel very upset with natural selection. It is a unseeing and uncaring god, it does not move to make any better. It only moves to create those who would destroy everything.
Can you imagine the atrocities that will be committed by our descendant species? If in one jump we went from throwing feces and killing a couple young to: complete genocides, the continual raping of our young, the killing of millions of children, weaponry advanced enough that death is a common theme in every piece of art and entertainment, war.
Do primates war to the point that entire expanses of land are burnt to a blister? Can you imagine what would happen if natural selection went further? What was before the primates? I hear very little about death and destruction created by any other creature than humans. I have heard though, that primates seem to show some tendencies for war, and have even been seen to use tools and weapons of their own creation. It seems ill-conceived that natural selection has created any dependable positive change, through its millenniums of rule.
What is survival of the most fit?
A dangerous concept that only develops deep senses of danger for any species. If it comes down to you and me, and I have a gun, you do not, am I not more fit for survival? You could argue that I am not but will anyway, but did I not have the foresight to bring a gun? The foresight to find the resources for the gun? You see I am more fit if I am able to survive. Survival of the most fit, will inevitably destroy our existence. You could even argue that it is a disease. It is an infection that is slowly causing our body to destroy itself from inside out. I want to welcome you to the end.

When I think of the god of survival of the most fit, I rejoice that I know a God who is not as calloused and is not uncaring. What I see is a God who cares so deeply about our humanity that that God will not destroy it through a intervention that starves us of a will to choose. That God will, relieve pain and show deep insight into ways of living that truly cause life and prevent its antithesis.
I realize that the will to choose is such a first nature event that we seem to mistaken if so often for the uncanny sense of self indulgence. The will to choose is what makes us human. We can, and do very often, choose a course that is contradictory to our nature. Even contradictory to our nurture. I have been naturally predisposed to a sexual nature, all people have. I was nurtured, through a very unfortunate series of events, to find any possible way to fulfill that sexual nature. This is something that is no longer strong enough to persuade me to act. I do not fulfill my sexual nature, and I do not abide the nurturing I experienced. My will to choose was great enough that I choose an option that should not exist. This will to choose is paramount, and is the greatest upset in the history of our universe. It has destroyed us and in the same swipe seemed to redeem us.
It is a ridiculous statement to claim that God has tied the hands of God. I make it. I believe it. God is, by the very nature of being God, powerful in ways we are unable to comprehend. Yet is powerless in the idea that God is Love for humanity. God, power, Loves humanity. Humanity is a hive of creatures obeying, or disobeying, the innate sense of morality deeply intrinsic in being created. We choose. It is evident that our ability to choose has brought about the greatest and the worst. I would not trade my ability to choose for anything, created or possible. My ability to choose is paramount in the reality of knowing that God is God and God will not, because GODisLOVE, take my ability to choose. I am running in circles and I love it.


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