Friday, May 9, 2008

A Burn as Deep as Morals and Ideas

A burn as deep as ideas and morals. The scar tissue festers in a remembrance of ill-conceived attempts at morality. The burn threatens my love, it threatens to destroy the very core of my future. The burn pushes toward my soul with unerring accuracy. I look out over green valleys and dark woods. The rock of mountains and cliffs destroy the potential of an easy life. To fall from one is too easy. The sun reaches me in reflections and distortions. I take in what I hope is truth and life, not sure, not knowing what lies underneath the scar tissue that disturbs too many. Life escapes through my actions, I look upon the burn and falling tears become mist around and among the pain. Why do I? What does it take, with pain and scars all too prevalent in a life all to understood? A deepening cut of truth pushes past the shallow pain with a misunderstood cleansing. Life destroys death. That is all I can say now. My life is beyond death. He has protected and secured a destiny for me, one which none will understand, not even me. My scars do not prophesy they are only historians. A forest of love surrounds me as surely as the air defies death. Why does life have such a short memory? No, death commands memory all to well. I am secured. I am sanctified. I am a saint declared by my Lord as his man, his warrior. I can live as his man. I will deny this death that is so prevalent in a world all too real.


The place for the poems and the intrigue of a man's fight to end slavery, big and small.


All written in this place is for me. I have a deep longing to share everything. To never hold any thought for myself. If you stumble upon this and enjoy, I'm glad. If you stumble upon this and dislike, I'm sorry.


His purpose was to save us not from pain and suffering, but from meaninglessness. -Erwin Raphael McManus

Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell. -C.T. Studd

Religion exists not because God loves too little, but because we need love so much. In the end, all religions misrepresent God. They either dictate requirements for love or simply become a requiem for love. -Erwin Raphael McManus